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The Future of Disc Repair Now! - The DISC-GO-ROBOTO is the most advanced, fully automated disc repair system on the market. We offer you the opportunity to repair and return a large volume of discs into your inventory instantly with the quiet, simple and easy to use DISC-GO-ROBOTO. No other machine has the capability to increase your disc repair output to 500 discs per day and reduce labor at the same time, producing clean, dry discs with no spots as a result, eliminating the final stage of wiping. DISC-GO-ROBOTO saves you time and money.

Our solutions do not just buff or polish the discs but actually resurface them resulting in a 96% success rate in repairs on even the most damaged discs. The DISC-GO-ROBOTO is a secure investment and will fulfill your need to repair you inventory as well as offer disc repair service to your customers.

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    “The Burleson Public Library in Burleson Texas serves a growing population of 36,000. Our collections of DVDs, music on CDS, and books on CD are very popular with adults, young adults, and children. Circulation of these materials accounts for over 25% of the monthly circulation figures. With a small staff, the repair and cleaning of the DVDs and CDs was left to volunteers or when staff members had time. The previous cleaning/repairing system was staff time intensive (even when using volunteers) and did only 2 discs at a session. Using grant funds we purchased a Disc-Go-Roboto (HydraShine) that cleans up to 100 discs at a time. The backlog of discs to be repaired or cleaned was cleared within a few days. A schedule for cleaning, repairing, and inspecting discs has been established and we now have reduced the customer complaints about damaged or dirty DVDs and CDs to a very few each month. The Disc-Go-Roboto has changed the way the Burleson Public Library works with DVDs and CDs and has returned hundreds of discs to the circulating shelves and has reduced the need for funds for replacements.”

    Rodney Bland, Library Director
    Burleson Public Library

    “Black Knight has had only the best experiences with Disc Go Technologies. Not only are their products of the utmost quality, but they also stand behind their products with excellent customer service. We at Black Knight have been using their products for 3 plus years now and their machines have become a necessity in our business. While there are many companies that offer similar machines for disc resurfacing, rest assured these companies cannot compare to the customer service that Disc Go Technologies can provide. They have always provided their honest opinions about the products they carry to ensure that the appropriate machine is matched with business needs. If a problem should arise, Disc Go Technologies will take whatever steps necessary to resolve the problem. We have been so pleased with Disc Go Technologies that they are the only company we will use in the future. Disc Go Technologies provides products that help your business grow and support that puts your mind at ease. Thanks for Everything”

    All of us at Black Knight Video Games

    “The Disc-Go-Roboto has been a god-send. Your patience in getting us to the point of actually making a purchase was greatly appreciated.”

    Janice Roy Manager, Technical Services
    Vancouver Island Regional Library

    “In the five months that we've owned our Disc-Go-Roboto, we've repaired over 1,000 CDs and DVDs for our main library and branches. The money we've saved on replacement discs is already four times the cost of the machine! The Disc-Go-Roboto is quiet, simple to operate, and extremely effective at what it does. And as for the company - Disc Go Technologies Inc. provides excellent customer service; they are always prompt and polite and willing to go the extra mile to explain a procedure or find a part for you.”

    Amy Ergler
    Librarian Pittsburgh, PA

    “At Vancouver Public Library, our staff was operating our old Disc-Go-Roboto only in the evening shift because of the noise level being so high. The machine did a wonderful job on repairing the discs but the noise from it created a situation where we had to work around it which causes some jobs to be delayed. When you told me you had a machine that was so quiet that I won't know it was running I really didn't believe you. I was wrong. Your new Hydrashine Disc-Go-Roboto system is so quiet that we now operate the machine during the day. The staff sometimes has to check on the machine just to see if it's actually running. It's that quiet. With us operating the machine during the day, we can complete more repair jobs.”

    Kelvin Wong, Technical Specialist
    Vancouver Public Library

    “About a year ago, I purchased the Disc-Go-Roboto, mainly because it could handle 100 discs at a time, and since then I have been more than satisfied with it. About 60-75% of the discs that I get in are in very good shape, with only fingerprints or light scuffs on them. Wanting to put out a quality product, I would run them through a light re-surfacing to remove light scratches and fingerprints. This takes about 2-minutes per disc, so the machine would run for 3-4 hours at a time. The amount of time was expected, it worked great, and I was very happy with my investment. Recently, I ordered their new 30-second buffing cartridge which claims to removes fingerprints and light scuffs. Please hear me when I say, I would buy this machine all over again, even if all it could do was to buff discs. This buffing product works so much better than expected!!! It will buff/polish a stack of discs in less than one hour. Even though I don’t want my competition to know how well it works, I want to give praise to Disc-Go-Tech for developing such a great, time saving product.”

    Norman Whitt, Owner

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